Monday – coq au vin

Chicken and red wine, really is there anything more perfect?

Floured & seasoned chicken pieces (good free range chicken), browned in oil with bacon and sliced onion (if I was doing this for a fancy dinner they’d be baby onions or shallots but for a Monday night supper just sliced onions), chuck in some sliced mushrooms & a couple of bay leaves, cover the lot with red wine and just simmer for as long as you’ve got until the chicken’s tender & the sauce has reduced & thickened a bit. Served with green beans & crusty bread; perfect!

Everyone has their favourite way with coq au vin. I like to flambe the chicken & bacon in brandy before adding the wine but didn’t have any so didn’t bother & it really  wasn’t lacking for this. Likewise ideally I’d put in a fresh bouquet garni but my herb basket is looking a bit bare so bay leaves did the job nicely. To be honest so long as the chicken’s good & the wine is drinkable it’s all good.


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