Tuesday – pizza

Made pizza dough properly for the first time ever. The only time I’ve actually made pizza from scratch including the base was sometime in the early 80’s and it was a Delia Smith recipe from my grandmother’s copy of St Delia’s cookery course (which I still own & reference on a fairly regular basis, can’t beat her all in one sponge recipe), don’t remember the actual pizza recipe but will get the book out & look it up at some point, but do recall it being like a bready quiche filled with ratatouille & not much like any pizza we’d recognise or want to eat now.

Thankfully I am the proud owner of a kitchen aid so thankfully didn’t have to knead the dough, just chuck everything in & let the dough hook take the strain while I made tomato sauce. After the dough had proved I had a lovely big bouncy ball of goo. Then discovered that I’m definitely not a pizza chef, really haven’t got the hang of rolling out a base so that it was round so just went with any old shape, doused in tomato sauce & with assorted toppings, onion spinach & mozarella for me, tomato, spinach, capers & anchovy for the boy. Kinda wonky but tasted great.

Still have dough to use, must practice my rolling technique!


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