Thursday – salade nicoise

Been a bit heavy on the meat this week so felt the need for some salad action, also had green beans that needed eating so nicoise was the obvious choice.  I love nicoise, it reminds me of the long hot summers of my childhood on the riviera when it was my default setting for lunch, often squashed into large white buns, pressed & chilled to make pain bagnat which is without a doubt my favourite sandwich ever.

Lots of crisp leaves,tomatoes, cucumber  onion topped with boiled new potatoes, green beans, hardboiled eggs, olives, capers & flaked canned tuna ( personally, though I loved fresh tuna I don’t think it should be part of a nicoise). Dressed with vinaigrette and on the side, dough balls. In the style of pizza express & using up some more of the pizza dough sitting in the fridge in a ziplock, just rolled up some little balls & chucked them on the pizza stone in the oven  for mere minutes then soaked in garlic & parsley butter and left in a low oven to keep warm & absorb the butter. I very much doubt that’s how pizza express do it but it was a successful experiment as they tasted delicious.


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