Saturday – Peach Salsa/Sausage casserole

Saturday dawned with a surprisingly mild hangover  but resulted in a very slow start, late late breakfast/lunch fry up got us going a bit and then on to the job for the day, making peach salsa.

We are blessed with a peach tree in our garden and after some judicious pruning by a tree surgeon last year it has yielded a bumper crop which are actually edible (last year they were full of starch & horrid). They’re still not the best for eating straight off the tree and as the nicest salsa I’ve ever eaten was a peach one. I thought we should give it a go. Cue much peeling chopping & boiling.

I’ve dabbled in jam & pickle making and made huge batches of marmalade every year with my grandparents and made many fresh  & cooked salsas and even green tomato ketchup last year but this was my first attempt at a properly cooked & bottled salsa.

Once the salsa had bubbled in the pan for ten minutes or so I ladled it into my hoard of Bonne Maman jam jars still hot from sterilising in the oven, gently replaced the lids & then boiled them in a water bath for another 10 minutes. Which theoretically means they’ll keep on the shelf for a year or so but to be honest I don’t think they’ll last that long as we’re two jars down already (it’s delicious if I say so myself).

Whilst making the salsa I made a simple sausage casserole  for supper with some of Bramptons Butchers award winning sausages. In this instance the garlic & tomato ones, browned &  chucked in a pot with onion, pepper, mushrooms & tinned tomatoes, then into the oven for a couple of hours & served with crusty bread for a tasty stomach lining supper before a night out with the girls.

By the way I love Bramptons, a proper butchers. The meat is fabulous & they’re always handy for hints & tips. They had beef shins when I was in the other day & I haven’t stopped thinking about them since. Definitely on the menu soon.


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