Sunday – Butterflied Roast leg of Lamb & boulangere potatoes

I’m obviously a glutten for punishment (as well as a glutten) so have signed up to do another Open House dinner. The local lamb is so good at the moment I thought I’d put it on my menu and although I’ve cooked it this way many times before I figured having friends over for lunch would be the perfect opportunity for a bit of a refresher. The lovely Bramptons butterflied a leg for me so all I had to do was douse it liberally in garlic & rosemary butter.

Boulangere potatoes as I understand them are basically dauphinoise but using stock instead of cream, although I have read recipes that involved frying the potatoes first but that was some strange american idea. My way is exactly the same as daupinoise but with the addition of some finely sliced onions, plenty of butter & meat stock (homemade from the lamb bones, it makes a fatty stock but in this instance that’s fine) and then baked in the oven for about 40 minutes before cooking the lamb for another 40 minutes or so directly on the rack above them so that the juices from the meat drip into the potatoes.

Served with ratatouille with puy lentils. Went down a treat for lunch so hopefully my dinner guests will enjoy it.


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