Monday – Fail

My diet yesterday consisted mainly of tea & chocolate cake which pretty much distracted me from thinking about proper food, plus had a busy day doing nothing in particular & then just at the point I should have  been thinking about dinner before going out, friends turned up out of the blue and then I was late & nothing had been shopped for or cooked & I needed to be somewhere.

The somewhere was the inaugural meeting of the Brighton Belles WI. It turned out to be  a record breaking first meeting with around 50 young & funky women in attendance. Yes there will be wholesome cake & jam making in our future and probably also a lot of networking plus as the membership already includes a writer of erotic fiction and a renowned sexpert there will inevitably be plenty of fabulous filth too. Watch out world if we ever do a fundraising calendar.

The meeting was in a pub and after a couple of post WI drinks, necessarily outside so we could indulge in cigarettes, I was starving & freezing so decided to go home & in search of food. I knew there wasn’t a lot on offer in the fridge and didn’t much fancy chips or a burger from ‘kebabs r us’ so went to scavenge in M&S at the station instead. They have a selection of tempting treats but I needed instant stodgy gratification so microwaveable macaroni cheese was the answer.  I could easily have made it myself for a fraction of the price and it would have been significantly tastier but it wouldn’t have been ready in 3 1/2 minutes. Sometimes you just have to give in to these things tho to my credit I did get a salad pack as well in a vague attempt to have at least a small proportion of my 5 a day.

Not a good food day but c’est la vie, will try harder today


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